Living Off the Land - Shelby Stanger
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Living Off the Land

The other day, I met a man who lives entirely off the land. He and his three-year-old son literally live on someone’s farm, sleep in a hammock and eat food from a community garden they planted in town, allowing others to grow food and eat for free as well. I would expect someone who lived almost entirely money-free to look like a hippy, but these were just my own fixed thoughts not rooted in anything solid. He looked like any other guy I would see at the beach or the local coffee shop. Besides the kindness and intelligence of this one man, I was most impressed with the way he fathered his three-year-old, who schooled Johnny and I on every food you can and cannot eat in the wild, including which wild plants heal cuts and which could cure tummy aches. I’ve never met anyone who lives almost 100% money-free, and it was refreshing to see how happy he was teaching his son vital skills for survival, team work and how to find happiness through the simple things in life.

I hope to spend more time with them soon. In the meantime, Johnny and I stumbled across this amazing Tipi (complete with a Queen-sized bed) when we went the other way on our usual trek. It was a good lesson that when you take a different path, you’ll often come across a nice surprise. Okay back to stories for work.

Tipi in the Forest

Tipi in the Forest

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