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Rainbows And Waves in Raglan, New ZealandLast week, we had a torrential downpour in Raglan. The waves were too big to surf, so Johnny and I drove down to the beach to watch the waves. I love watching storm surf. Not to get too cheesy, but watching waves break every which way, the ocean so full of energy, is always invigorating.

Raglan Storm

Storm Surf in Raglan

A few hours later , the storm passed, the seas calmed, the waves became perfectly glassy and there was another spectacular double rainbow. Johnny grabbed me and made me run outside to take a picture. I am so glad he did.

Amazing Rainbow In New Zealand

Shelby_SingingInTheRain SingingInTheRain

Okay, I have to go back to writing stories, but I wanted to share these magical images.






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