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Brazilian Body Sculpting


“I like big bu tts and I cannot lie.” That is the opening line to one of my favorite dance songs. I know if is cheesy, but I haveat least five friends who, on any given night out on the dance floor, will dedicate that song to me. I have a J-Lo. It is big, it is round and it just isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In Brazil, says Brazilian Body Sculpting Instructor Marcello Gianotti, “The men cherish good butts; full, but good.” In the USA, we all tend to focus on smaller bums and bigger chests. “But not in Brazil,” assures Gianotti.

But (no pun intended ), I tell Marcello that my rear end is just BIG! I have set off car alarms in crowded parking lots with my booty. I imagine in Brazil, where he is from, all butts look like those in the Reef ads — small, curvy and perfectly bulbous. Mine is not bulbous or full; it is just big.

Marcello gives me hope. In Brazil, he says, girls work their abs and buns above everything else. ”The butt is everything in Brazil.” Herein the USA, people workout their upper arms and they do some exercises for their glutes , but usually not with weights, and they definitely do not work their buns as hard as Marcello is used to pushing his clients.

I recollect my own routine. I surf, run, swim, bike, do yoga, and I do squats and lunges using light weights. However, I have never set out to spend 40 entire minutes of my workout routine focusing entirely on my gluteus maximus. That just seems absurd.

Well, apparently in Brazil, It is common for people to spend hours working their behinds. Lucky for us, Marcello has brought his Brazilian style butt-sculpting class straight from Rio de Janeiro to Orange County. Marcello teaches a class called “Brazilian Body Sculpting” that I took at Balboa Pilates in Newport Beach.

Every class is different, and each class will leave you feeling like your buns are truly becoming steel. In the studio at Balboa Pilates, there are poles mounted into the wood floors. The poles are not to hold yourself up with after Marcello has worked you so hard you feel you can no longer stand, but they are to actually make you work harder and leave your booty burning that much more. The poles are for leverage and support while squatting and lunging away any ounce of cellulite you might have.

<img id=”border” alt=”” src=”/images/clips/100206brazilianbodysculpting/2.jpg” width=”400″ height=”480″ />There are only women in the class, and even the ladies who are over 40 and have had children wear spandex that show off their firm tushes. My rear does not sag yet (remember it is just big, not big and saggy), but if I can look as good as the women taking the class with me, then I am signing up for more body sculpting classes.

Upbeat music fills the studio, and Marcello shouts hilarious statements of encouragement when you need it most. “Just think … leather pants ladies!” he yelled while I was panting like a puppy dog and almost dropping to the floor after finishing my who knows how manyeth squat using a wooden box.

No class is the same, and Marcello combines ankle weights, rubber bands, and boxes that he makes you step onto, hop over, squat over and do lunges on. Your legs will shake like you just sat on a chair massager at the nail salon – at least mine did after the 45-minute-long routine.

Marcello started teaching body and butt sculpting classes in 1996 in his hometown of Rio de Janeiro. His classes were always packed with women and models gearing up for Brazilian bikini season.

Before moving to Orange County, Marcello received a physical education degree from Brazil, and then he moved to London where he gained a graduate degree in kinesiology, and then he lived and taught in New York where he obtained a Pilates certification.

The body sculpting class that he started in 1996 in Brazil involved mostly leg and butt exercises, but with each new,additional workout tool that he has gained over the years, Marcello has reformed his butt-sculpting class to now include more pilates-based moves. He also incorporates a lot more core body exercises that work hard on the abdominals in addition to the glutes, legs and hips.

“Marcello has brought a lot of excitement to our studio,” said Karen Leta, who co-owns Balboa Pilates with her daug hter Nicole. Leta added that people who take Marcello’s class just can’t get enough and keep signing up for more.

The only requisite to taking his class is that the studio recommends you have a basic fitness level. I have been competing in triathlons for the last year and was exhausted after the first class. Basically, if you are a couch potato, then maybe do some training for a few months before signing up.

For those of you who don ‘t live near Newport Beach where Marcello teaches his class or want to try to shape up for swimsuit season on your own, Marcello gave me a few tips.

“Always do something aerobic like running, rollerblading or cycling for at least 30 minutes, and add lunges, squats and crunches to your routine,” he said. “You can even just grab a chair and practice sitting down and standing up in it.” Make sure you know how to do a proper squat, though. If you do not know how, ask a personal trainer at your gym or a coach at your school to show you. The squat, according to Marcello, is one of the most fundamental moves to getting a tight tush.

So when you are getting all freaky weird and self-conscious about bikini season this year, focus your mind on training… butt be less like Buddha and more like a Brazilian. Next time I hear “I like big butts and I cannot lie” … I will shake it, shake it, shake It, shake that Marcello-trained butt. Baby got back.