Sister ActESPN Rise Winter of 2010 - Shelby Stanger
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ESPN Rise: Sister Act


ESPN Rise Cover

The DiMartino Sisters (Rosie, Vicki, Gina, and Christina ‘Tina’)
Sport: Soccer
Personal Best: all have played on a USA National Team; the three oldest on Junior World Cup Teams
School: Massapequa High School (Rosie’s still a sophomore)
Vicki and Gina (Boston College) Tina (graduated UCLA)
Ages: Rosie, 15; Vicki, 20; Gina 23; Tina 24

Nonstop Competition Growing up in the DiMartino household, there was nonstop competition. “As kids, we played two versus two in the backyard and it was always me and Vicki against Tina and Rosie,” says Gina. “Loser picked which chore they wanted last, and someone would always end up crying because the other wouldn’t let down. We hate to lose and that’s the biggest problem.”


Sister Style I’ve learned so much from my older sisters,” says Rosie, the youngest, who said all four sisters have different styles. “Tina tells me to run every day because she is very fast and her foot skills are quick. Vicki has an attacking mind and is strong and powerful, and Gina is quick and smart and has great vision on the field. They all tell me is to work hard, especially on my weaknesses and to encourage others and give positive feedback.”

No Mercy Two summers ago, when the three older sisters came home for a holiday, the family went on a group bike ride. “Dad yelled, ‘Last one’s a rotten egg!’” says Vicki. “So I tried to take a shortcut through the neighbor’s yard, but I hit the curb and flew over the handle bars. Everyone started cracking up—but they didn’t stop for me!” she says, laughing. Not only did Vicki have to walk her bike home—it was her turn to do the dishes. There is no mercy.

All in the family “We were all raised so close, so when not playing soccer we just love hanging out, cooking and enjoying each others’ company,” says Tina, who added they have an older brother, Daniel Jr., a NYC Fireman, just like their father. “Growing up, we always ate dinner together as a family and all shared one room with two beds, and still do when we’re home for holidays. One day hopefully we can all play on the national team together — that would be the