Bringing Fit People Together For LovePacific San Diego - Shelby Stanger
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The Buddy System


 Pacific Magazine Cover (Steve Bowen)
Photo by David Good

As someone passionate about sports, I’ve met some of my best friends (and a few boyfriends) during a long run or a surf. When I heard about, a new website started by San Diegan Scott Bowen that aims to bring like-minded fitness enthusiasts together, I was curious.

Some folks may be tempted to use it as a dating site, but Bowen says’s mission is to connect people who share a passion for having fun while being active.


“Over half of the members are married,” says Bowen, adding that while some members have used the site for dating purpose, most use it instead to find a training partner who will push the or just, “Get my lazy bum off the couch,” as one member writes on her status page.

only a few months old (the site officially launched in June), already has about 2,000 members. They create their personal profiles, post pictures, send each other messages and update their status. Think Facebook, but for people who are into fitness.

The site also has a growing database of fitness professionals – from trainers and nutritionists to physical therapists, chiropractors and massage therapists – who can sign up and reach out to prospective clients. members can also contribute to event listings and a comprehensive blog with articles about everything from weightlifting and supplements to training for a sprint triathlon, salsa dancing and yoga.

For Bowen, a self-proclaimed workout junkie originally from Virginia, is a labor of love. “I’ve had this idea in the back of my head for three years,” he says. “There are so many people passionate about fitness, but they are too busy being active that they miss out on meeting a lot of people like them. I wish I had this site up when I first moved here.”

I signed in (for now, using the site is free), entered my age range and added activities like surfing, triathlons, running and yoga to my search. Sure enough, I found someone I already train with and one guy I already dated. The site obviously knows how to match people together.

Surfing on the web to meet people to surf with in the ocean. Now that’s technology I can use.