Surf Cliché Corduroy Heaven - Shelby Stanger
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Surf Cliché Corduroy Heaven

New Zealand is a lot of things. One thing we are finding out for sure…

This place is like a surf cliché with corduroy lines to the horizon.

There’s a perfect beach break below our house. People ride their horses on it in the morning, and there’s plenty of hard sand that makes it a great beach for running. To the south of the beach,  lies point break after another point break, after another even more perfect pointbreak, and they are all left-handed, which is great for goofy-footers like me. There is also an outer sandbar off the beach with loads of barrels, and mushy waves on the inside for those days I just don’t feel like eating sand.


The other day, I think I surfed the longest wave of my life. It was the first wave I have ever surfed where my legs started to burn. I am sure someone thought Michael Jackson was resurrected with all the hooting and hollering coming from my ecstatic state.

Besides boasting some of the best surf in the world, as well as some of the greatest running trails, New Zealand is also home to some of the nicest people I have ever met.

I have even managed to do plenty of work from here. I recently covered a Women’s WQS Surf contest in Taranaki for and just interviewed the World SUP champ who happens to be a Kiwi. That story will some out in a few months.

Beyond that, Johnny and found an organic farm that overlooks the sea, and have met plenty of people who grow their own food and live off off their land.

Oh yeah, we also discovered this waterfall only 30 minutes away from our house.


I am not sure why we would ever leave…




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